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One Word: Setting Goals and Intentions for the New Year

A few years ago, my husband asked me what was my word. I had a puzzled look on my face as I was totally clueless about what he meant. When he explained the One Word concept to me, my interest was piqued. I’ve always set goals for myself for the year both personal and business. But focusing on just one word was new to me.

The act of choosing a word (or having a word choose you) is full of potential and possibility. Sometimes a word pops into your brain that doesn’t make any sense to you in the moment. That’s okay. Give it some time and let it marinate. Sometimes what is deep down in our souls has a way of bubbling up to the surface. It could be a word you need to hear, but just aren’t ready for – yet. Be open to the possibilities.

One little word can make a BIG impact on your life.

Your word can be a thought or a feeling or an emotion. It might be silly or serious. Your word may be something you want to bring to your life. Or it might be something you want or need to change. My word came at me loud and clear, but I tried to ignore it because it was uncomfortable to me. But it wouldn’t go way. LOL!   That happens and that’s good. So here it goes my one word for 2017…BOLD. It means showing an ability to take risks; courageous; fearless; powerful. Talk about pushing you straight out of your comfort zone! Well, I’m here for all of that. I have this diva here to remind me. 😉

naturalflydiva one word

My word also led me to this scripture which I will use to guide my year:

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7

This year my goal is to be bold about how I live my life, my spirituality, how I run my business and the relationships I cultivate and nurture. I’d love to hear about your one word for 2017. Drop me a line in the comments.




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