Hi! I'm Sandrell, a blogger, health & wellness advocate, and fitness nutrition specialist. A wife and mother of three, I share about food, faith, family, fitness and fun! I'm here to inspire and help women to live, F.I.T. lives through mind, body and spiritual wellness.

Joy…and Pain

Far too many women are suffering in silence. A mask of happiness covering their grief. Shedding quiet tears behind closed doors. Feeling like no one understands you and your pain. I understand how you feel all too well… We were looking forward to starting a family but things weren’t going as planned. So I turned

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3 Reasons Why You Need an Accountability Partner

So you’ve looked at your goals and realized you need a little help achieving them. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. No one feels motivated ALL the time. Whether you’re trying to reach personal or professional goals you should have an accountability partner. You know, someone to encourage you and keep you on your toes. We often

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